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Dragon Ball Legends :- Everything you need to know

Dragon Ball is a fierce fighting 3D action game for Android and IOS mobiles. With just a simple moves by your finger you can take up a one on one battle (PVP – Player Vs Player) and enjoy the dragon ball series.

There are also some methods to get more gems and coins in dragon balls legends game you can check this site for more details

Both online and offline modes are available for this game play. When it comes to offline mode, it would just be a single player mode.

How to play Dragon Ball Legends

All that you have to do is pick up your three favorite characters from the selection menu and take up a fight against your opponent in real time.

So when one character takes a hit, the other character comes up for fight, by this way by defeating all the 3 characters, you would win the battle and rewarded with Chrono Crystals and the rare medals.

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My Lands Online Game

Onlinebrowser game MyLands opens portal in the new world. This online gamewas created by our collective to meet the highest needs of onlinegame browser amateurs to economic-military strategies and give youthe chance to conquer the world of the new online strategy togetherwith your friends.

Onlinegame that we offer is the so-called browser game that requires nodownload or installation (just this means «browser online game»).If in the online strategies usually those who pay get privileges, ourgame browser, on the contrary, allows you to earn money by playing.

Youcan buy the auction or get the currency of the game, ie the BlackPearls and then convert them into real money. So you do not justenjoy playing online, but in the MMOG My Lands can earn real money!Economic-military strategy is an excellent way to pass the time.

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