Dragon Ball is a fierce fighting 3D action game for Android and IOS mobiles. With just a simple moves by your finger you can take up a one on one battle (PVP – Player Vs Player) and enjoy the dragon ball series.

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Both online and offline modes are available for this game play. When it comes to offline mode, it would just be a single player mode.

How to play Dragon Ball Legends

All that you have to do is pick up your three favorite characters from the selection menu and take up a fight against your opponent in real time.

So when one character takes a hit, the other character comes up for fight, by this way by defeating all the 3 characters, you would win the battle and rewarded with Chrono Crystals and the rare medals.

Simple Instructions for beginners

  • Just a finger swipe to the preferred direction allows your character to take direction like either up, down, left or right.
  • As the gameplay will be just with your finger moves, certain combos and complicated fights will be through the tapping the cards. Each character will have different pattern or set of cards and they would randomly pop up during battles. By just tapping the art card of your choice you can go for an attack. If you prefer a terrific attack, you would get combos action to take a hit. As each card does have different power and energy, you can combine your preferred ones for a terrific attack. All that you have to do is continue tapping the card icon for the combo selection.
  • It also does have a vanish step for defensive action, which gets enabled by just swiping it either to the right or to the left. As the exclamatory symbol pops up above the head of the fighter, vanish step can be activated and this also gets drained up on using this mode, and this would be indicated below the fighter.
  • One other thing would be the “Ki meter” that needs to be charged in order for you to use the art cards that are displayed at the bottom. This Ki meter will get charged when the fighter just stand still without any action and this also gets charged fast when you touch and hold the screen for a longer time.
  • This game comprises of three abilities which are main ability, unique ability and Z ability. By just a tap on the fighter icon the main ability gets enabled however it does have certain time constraints like only after completion of that time constraint main ability could be enabled. Unique abilities does not have any constraint, it gets activated by their own. And finally the Z ability which is active all time.
  • As you move on with your gameplay, you have to start collecting seven art cards with the dragon ball symbol in it, which later changes to a rising rush button used for terrific attack.
  • By just tapping on the rising rush icon, you can trigger up to the rising rush mode and target an attack.
  • Post which you would be displayed with four different cards at the bottom of your screen at the time of attack. Pick up the perfect different card from that of your opponent for a massive attack and experience victory over them.
  • Moving on to further higher levels, you can build your own team by using the chrono crystals you have won and collected. Getting in the right set of characters supports your victory in the battle in higher stages.