The Roblox game has caught everybody’s attention as it allows the player a chance to be creative.  At the same time the player can explore and play with what others have created.    This game is available for play on Android devices as well as Windows, iOS and also Xbox one. 

Learn how to robux free using simple trick

To Download and install Roblox on Mac operating Systems, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1.  From the browser page, go to the Roblox  main page and select  Download now button
  2. The Roblox game has an inbuilt program where in it checks the operating systems and sends the required version for download.
  3. The Roblox DMG file icon will be shown in the downloads.
  4.  This file needs to be selected and then dragged into the Applications folder. 
  5. After that the Roblox app can be opened by double clicking it.
  6. After this step, on the Roblox website select the game by pressing the “play” button.  The Selected game will open in a new window.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for the whole download and installation process to be completed. 

To download Roblox from Google play, the following steps need to be followed:

  1.  Open Google play store
  2. Search and go to the Roblox page
  3. Select the install button
  4.  The installation process will start and the progress will be shown by means of a bar.
  5. Once the installation is completed,   the Open button needs to be selected.
  6. The Roblox   game will start and all information will pop up on screen to prompt the user such as sign in or login in.  Once this process is done, the user can select the launcher button.

To install Roblox on windows, the following steps need to be done:

  1.  From the roblox site, click on download.
  2.  Double-click on the icon of the downloaded file.  This will immediately start the installation process in the device. 
  3.  Click on play and start the Roblox game.

To download Roblox on Android:

  1.  From the Android device, open the Google Play store App
  2. In the search field,  “Roblox” name to be entered and searched
  3. Select the icon for Roblox and press the install button.
  4.  Once the game is downloaded, the icon will be shown.   Select the Roblox  App,  and then under the games section, play the game

For downloading Roblox on iOS:

  1.  Go to the App store  from the iOS device
  2. From the search window, type Roblox and then select Get button
  3. Select Install and then the iTunes password needs to be entered.  After that the OK button should be pressed. The app will automatically finish downloading and installing.
  4. The last step is to open the Mobile App and select the Games button and find the required game to play.

The game is free for download.  However, payments are required to be made for taking membership into the Builder’s Club and also for Robux.

As with other games, here also there is an option of two types.  One is the free option and the other is the premium option.  The premium option obviously offers many privileges.  So download and enjoy.