Psn store has a huge collection than Apple‘s stores but it comes with a challenge. The free application that are available in the psn store are not useful and the ones which are useful and amazing needs to be paid.   Going through this article, you will get to know, how to get free psn codes without any trouble.

Play code list

Play list are actually google codes that you can earn to play google gift. Some of the websites provides free play codes which are not reliable. They promise to deliver you working methods, but in reality they are a complete waste of time. One of the greatest highlights of psn codes is their expiration rate. Meaning the psn codes do not expire easily and you can save them and purchase an application, any time you want to.

Opinion rewards

This is method is a completely working method, that you can use to purchase psn codes. With the google opinion rewards you can manage a psn code. All you need to do is fill the survey sent by the google team. You are instantly credited with the cash of $1, when you complete the survey.  Please note, google surveys can be all different kinds, some may ask you of the things you like to do in a day, and some ask you of the design sets and logo designs.

Swag bucks

One of the most interesting prize portal that is available in the web are swag bucks. Once you log in to this website, using your email credentials, you will be open to a series of opportunity.  Opportunity will involve watching videos, completing surveys and online shopping. By taking part in these activities, you can earn a psn code. For instance, when you get to 5000 points, you can get an amount of $50 dollar.

Features points

This is an application, which will only take a minute of your time to get downloaded in your smartphone. The application provides, watching of smartphone and free videos.  Once you have performed such activities, you will be allowed to earn gift card of 15 to dollars. Furthermore , if you refer this application to a friend you will be entitled to a gift card also.

Insta GC

 Their way of offering psn code is a bit different.   You will be given a signup amount of 100 dollars when you register to this website.   100 points in this application means a google gift card of one dollar. Furthermore , you will be allowed for bonus gift card if you use their services like listening to music and playing games.  Psn codes can be purchased at 15 and 20 dollars, which would require to have point range from 1000-2500.


This an application that is available on the google store and can give you 400 points each day for logging into your account. You can earn points just by playing your favourite games like candy crush or can provide you points , just by downloading simple applications like Facebook. In addition, you can earn psn codes with the help of an exchange of I tunes gift card and amazon gift card.

Tap cash rewards

This is another service based application, which can get you a huge earning points.  You will given points by logging into your account each day and also for watching games and videos in this website. In addition, when you refer this application to your friend, you will get an additional bonus of 100 points