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What are the psn codes and how to use them?

Psn store has a huge collection than Apple‘s stores but it comes with a challenge. The free application that are available in the psn store are not useful and the ones which are useful and amazing needs to be paid.   Going through this article, you will get to know, how to get free psn codes without any trouble.

Play code list

Play list are actually google codes that you can earn to play google gift. Some of the websites provides free play codes which are not reliable. They promise to deliver you working methods, but in reality they are a complete waste of time. One of the greatest highlights of psn codes is their expiration rate. Meaning the psn codes do not expire easily and you can save them and purchase an application, any time you want to.

Opinion rewards

This is method is a completely working method, that you can use to purchase psn codes. With the google opinion rewards you can manage a psn code. All you need to do is fill the survey sent by the google team. You are instantly credited with the cash of $1, when you complete the survey.  Please note, google surveys can be all different kinds, some may ask you of the things you like to do in a day, and some ask you of the design sets and logo designs.

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How to Download Robux Easily in 2019

The Roblox game has caught everybody’s attention as it allows the player a chance to be creative.  At the same time the player can explore and play with what others have created.    This game is available for play on Android devices as well as Windows, iOS and also Xbox one. 

Learn how to robux free using simple trick

To Download and install Roblox on Mac operating Systems, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1.  From the browser page, go to the Roblox  main page and select  Download now button
  2. The Roblox game has an inbuilt program where in it checks the operating systems and sends the required version for download.
  3. The Roblox DMG file icon will be shown in the downloads.
  4.  This file needs to be selected and then dragged into the Applications folder. 
  5. After that the Roblox app can be opened by double clicking it.
  6. After this step, on the Roblox website select the game by pressing the “play” button.  The Selected game will open in a new window.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for the whole download and installation process to be completed. 

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PUBG Mobile Apk + Data Latest Version Download

There is hardly a Smartphone user who will not be aware of this magnificent game. This game is brilliant in almost every type of gaming platform present in the market, whether it is a computer or mobile. You can play this action-packed game alone and also with a group of friends. Players only need to take care of practice and certain things.

This game has been one of the most played and downloaded games in 2018. Even Google Play has honored it with the title of the best Android Games of 2018. In PUBG the user is given a hat, cap, shirt, T-shirt, jacket, paint, jeans, shoes, boots besides there are many types of costumes and accessories available. Most of these are also very colorful paid costumes.

There are four maps in PUBG Mobile. Including Erangel Island, Miramar, Sanhok. Auto turning is a great option for shooting in the close range in the game. However, if you fire on the auto mode in a distant range, then there are more chances that your target can easily escape. For this reason, you should keep changing the fire rate of your gun by examining your shooting range. At the same time, the use of single-mode is the most effective combination for auto-mode and distant for the nearby shooting range.

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