9 Piece Knife Set



Global knives are delighted to announce the arrival of the new Michel Roux Jr range. All knives and blocks are complete with Michel Roux Jr’s signature and all sets include a free and unique Global & Michel Jr tasting spoon.

The 9 piece set is a comprehensive set of knives for the serious hobby cook or Professional Chef, containing seven knives to cover all purposes in food preparation and baking, with a ceramic sharpening steel and a pair of deluxe fish-bone tweezers.

  • Global 9cm Paring Knife
  • Global 14cm Vegetable Chopper
  • Global 13cm Small Cook's Knife
  • Global 20cm General Purpose Cook's Knife
  • Global 21cm Flexible Filleting Knife
  • Global 27cm Ham/Salmon Slicer
  • Global 20cm Spatula/Palette Knife
  • Global Ceramic Sharpening Steel
  • Global Deluxe Fishbone Tweezers

Why not upgrade to include a Michel Roux Jr block in Red, Black or Stainless Steel.

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FREE Michel Roux Jr Tasting Spoon

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