free v bucks

Fortnite is a very popular Battle Royale Game developed by Epic Games. This online video game is available for PCs, Android, Macintosh, Nintendo switch, iOS, Xbox and Play Station 4.

The developer company of Fortnite that is Epic Games has also developed the Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) also has a very huge fan base and active players.

In this game realistic gameplay is mainly focused whereas in Fortnite less importance is given to realistic stuffs and real logic.

What are V Bucks?

V bucks which is the short form of Vindertech Bucks is basically an in-game currency of Fortnite. J

ust like real currency (Dollars, Rupees, Euros etc) the in-game currencies can be used for buying stuffs available in the Vindertech Store of the game.

Battle Pass, premium skins and customization of Avatar can be done by using the V bucks. You will have to invest real money in order to purchase the V bucks. there is a method to get free v bucks no survey you can try those to get v bucks for free.

It is like a real currency converted to a virtual currency which can then be used for doing all virtual things.

Other games also has their in-game currencies like PUBG has UC which are used for redemption of gun skins, clothes for the characters, Royal Pass and much more.

A player can also get free items in Fortnite but for some premium items they will require V bucks.

In old games custom things and premium items were bought using the points earned through gameplay but now you will have to use your real money to purchase them.

Different items like skins of guns, battle pass, outfits, emote and wardrobe items for the character are purchased using the V bucks. Fortnite is a free online game and so in order to make profit out of it they have introduced this system.

These V bucks never improve your gameplay in anyway but will only provide a handsome collection of colorful items. For purchasing a Battle pass you will have to spend 950 V bucks.

Legendary outfits which look very cool cost around 2000 V bucks. Further other emotes and outfits will cost around 500 – 1000 V bucks.

Why to purchase V Bucks?

You can’t buy individual V buck all we can do is that we can purchase them in bundle. Each pack has different price and offers which provides you a lot of V bucks depending upon the price you are paying.

If you are lucky enough then you can get a lot of V bucks by paying less if there is some offer.

1000 V bucks package will cost $10, this is the package that most of the person choose who want to get a new Battle pass.

This Battle pass is valid for only one season and its validity ends when the current season ends and we have to again buy a new one for the latest season.

Steps to Buy V Bucks in Fortnite

The V bucks can be easily purchased through V bucks wallet which is available on the lobby of the game. You can click on the ‘V’ icon available in the lobby to reach there.

The present amount or your total V bucks is displayed on the next to the coin icon with a V which indicates the current state of the V wallet.

Now go to the V bucks payment screen by clicking the V icon as told above. There you can purchase the V bucks by using credit cards, debit cards, Net banking or you can even redeem the gift cards.

A shortcut way to purchase V bucks is by going to the Battle Pass area and then looking for all the options available to purchase the V bucks and then the same V Bucks payment screen will appear and then follow the instructions and pay the amount using your credit card, debit card or redeem gift cards.

If you don’t want to spend money and want to get V bucks for free then you can join online giveaways of V bucks. There are also some legit apps which can help you to earn V bucks as prize.